We Take Digital To A New Level

Digital Content

Network 18’s digital content and commerce segment includes a diversified portfolio of brands catering to a wide range of interests and services, including news and entertainment, markets and finance, online shopping and ticketing, and mobile phone services and applications. Its digital content and commerce segment encompasses (i) the content business that spans websites and mobile applications covering general and business news, entertainment, technology and sports, and (ii) the digital commerce business that includes online and out-of-home shopping and ticketing.


Moneycontrol, which is part of Network18 group, has been India’s No.1 leading financial and business media platform for 16 successive years. It offers comprehensive information, news and in- depth analysis across asset classes and pulls in a wide cross section of investors. As India’s leading businesses and finance platform, it offers investors the latest business news and market updates along with articles, independent analysis of investment options and financial planning. Currently, moneycontrol attracts over, 6.4 million unique visitors on web and 7.5 million unique visitors on mobile every month! Its website has, over 300 million-page views and 1.5 billion views on mobile.


Firstpost is India’s Largest and only Digital Newsroom. With a digital newsroom powered by expert writer-editors across the country and the globe, Firstpost has a competitive edge in breaking views on real-time news. With a strong focus on politics, sport, business, technology and entertainment, it has now transformed its image from a niche portal to a more youthful, social, opinion-led destination, with considerable strength in social and shareable content. It reaches more than 7.5mn+ unique users per month on web and 7.5mn+ unique users on mobile.


NEWS18.com (formerly known as ibnlive.com) is the digital destination of CNN News18 (formerly known as CNN IBN) with hard news as its core offering and interactivity as its key component. Along with a bevy of mobile- and multimedia-enabled content, News18.com is a multi-platform offering that, for the first time, provides viewers/users an opportunity to contribute to the news process and interact with editors and reporters. Manned 24x7, NEWS18.com is powered not just by NEWS18 journalists but also by Network18's team of over 1,000 news professionals. NEWS18.com is also recognized for its one-of-the-kind offerings such as CricketNext, Compare India, and Indiwo amongst others.


CNBCTV18.com is a premium digital platform offering news and information about the stock market, business and economy. CNBCTV18.com’s aim is to shine a light on the most important financial trends, leveraging full power of CNBC-TV18 to deliver sharp news and featuring in-house and outside experts to share in-depth analysis. All CNBC-TV18 products such as the website, apps, daily newsletter and podcasts have been created to deliver information efficiently to the readers.

Topper Learning

Founded in 2007, Topper Learning is part of Greycells 18 Media Ltd, which is the Edtech arm of Network 18. We are a premier K-12 content, delivery & assessment service provider across Broadcast (Topper TV) and Digital (www.topperlearning.com) platforms. Topper Learning aims to solve the problems of Personalization, Access and Quality in the Education space. We seamlessly veer across the edtech and e-learning landscape, in the K12 domain across 2 National and 7 State Boards, JEE, Medical & NDA prep. The scope of our business is defined by our decoding of the ‘E’ of e-learning as ‘Everything, Everyone, Engaging and Easy’