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  Daily (6 AM)
IBN Sunrise
As the first ray of light greets everyone, announcing a new beginning, CNN-IBN SUNRISE, provides quick snapshot of latest news served on a platter. It is synonymous to sipping on to brimming hot news with a grab of bread. The program is meant for an individual wanting to keep himself abreast with the latest happenings the world over, as he slept through the night. CNN-IBN SUNRISE provides a crisp montage of stories from all genres of news be it politics, sports, business or entertainment.

  Mon- Fri (8:00 AM)
Breakfast With India
Take the first grab of the day on BREAKFAST WITH INDIA, an exclusive show on CNN-IBN that provides an individual with quick, customized news action from all arenas of what makes news. This program is an executive summary on what made news, what would & what probably will be news from the world over.

  Mon-Fri (10.30 AM)
Viewers favourite sports show discusses and analyzes all the exciting sport stories, results and performances. This programme encapsulates the latest sporting action & news of the day.

  Daily (1 PM)
Good Afternoon India
As the day progresses, you need an update on what has happened and what is going to make news in the remaining part of the day. A mid-day news review GOOD AFTERNOON INDIA is lunch time news that updates on the days biggest stories and keeps you informed.

  Through the Day
A general news bulletin that features the news update as and when they happen. IBN News keeps the viewers updated about the latest happenings around and all the important events that made headline.

  Daily (6PM )
The show gives news updates on everything that happened till evening. Be it sports, entertainment, business or politics, the show encapsulates the day's events for the viewers.

  Daily (7PM )
A quick update on the day's happenings featured in the form of a news bulletin with a special focus on the metros of the country. Catch the special bulletin at 7PM to stay updated on all the important news devlopments

   Monday to Thursday – 8PM to 9PM
   ; Friday to Saturday – 8PM to    8.30PM
8 PM Prime is a double anchored evening prime time bulletin on CNN-IBN which looks at the top news and newsmakers across the genres who made the headlines that day. Apart from the regular stories, it entails a separate section called ‘People First’ which covers people’s reaction to the issues which matter most to them.

  Everyday at 9:00 PM – 10 PM
India at 9
India at 9, the signature Rajdeep Sardesai show on CNN-IBN addresses all aspects of news meant just for you. A “balanced” diet for a balanced mind, India at 9 brings forward stories which are making impact from various fields like politics, sports, business, global and entertainment news from across the country.

  Mon-Thurs (10 PM)
Face The Nation
This is meant for those who crave for hard news as it is made. An interactive show hosted by Sagarika Ghose, where she puts a current issue to test with a panel. So if you have questions that matter, FACE THE NATION is just the show for you. Be a part of the action at FACE THE NATION. This is hard, provocative, no-holds barred question time.

   Daily (11PM )
The late night bulletin wrapping up of all the important news; just the show for the viewers who wish to tune-in with the day’s important happenings and update himself on how the day unfolded.

  Mon - Thurs (10:30 PM)
E Tonight
Be it Bollywood, music, lifestyle, celebrities, reviews, releases, books, theatre - if its happening it’s on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT! Be a part of the entertainment show that keeps you in touch with showbiz, gossip and glitz.

  Every Saturday (9.30PM)
The Citizen Journalist Show
The Citizen Journalist show captures the never before taken space of true civic activism as it exists in various corners of our country. It profiles ‘CITIZENS WITH PURPOSE’, those who have made a difference in the lives of others or are fighting a brave battle against some existing anomaly in the system. The show provides them with a platform to showcase their fight and empowers them to take their fight further.

   Sat & Sun (10PM )
The important bulletin of the day wraping up all the major news; just the show for the working individuals who wish to tune-in with the day’s important happenings and update himself on how the day unfolded.

  Sat (10:30PM) & Sun (1:30PM)
Catch the buzz of the tinsel town with the film critic and entertainment editor Rajeev Masand. Get a first-day-first-show account of the latest movie or catch hottest stars in this space. big interviews with prominent newsmakers of the week.

  Sun (10:30 AM) & (8:00 PM)
The Week That Wasn't
A show that liven up your weekends with pun-a-minute motormouth Cyrus Broacha. The show is a 30 minute spoof on the news events that have happened lately. The news shown on the show has happened but the meanings, context and the occurrences are changed. The tongue-in-cheek humor and fast, pun-filled sentences makes the show a must-watch

  Every Sunday (8.30PM)
Devils Advocate
Karan Thapar delves beneath the surface to get to the truth when he puts a contention to test with a noted personality. On the DEVIL’S ADVOCATE, there's a razor sharp analysis of the individual under question, brutally frank and totally candid.

  Every Sunday (9:30PM )
CNN-IBN takes out 30 Minutes to look at issues of national interest and issues that have got the nation talking.
  Monday to  Friday at 7:30PM
Sports Tonight is a show which doesn’t just bring you the facts but analyses all the exciting sport stories, results and performances of the day. Hosted by two of the award winning sports anchors in the country, Gaurav Kalra and Meha Bhardwaj, the show is a must- watch for all sports aficionados whether regular players or couch potatoes!
  Saturday at 1.30PM
Join foodie and gourmet extraordinaire Bikramjit Ray on an exciting culinary journey to find new flavors and delectable tastes among different cuisines. Discover new traditions and customs and the food they shape as Secret Kitchen, the award winning series, introduces you to some appetizing treats. The show features dishes which have been closely guarded secrets of regional cuisines but are now shared with gourmands countrywide all through their television screens.
Y Not
  Saturday at 11:30 AM
Y Not is a show which provides a platform of discussion for the youth and helps them share their views on all the topics that are making the news these days. The series focus on the perspective of the ‘Young Indian’ on the hot news topics examining the issues from the ground and seeking possible solutions and feedback from the makers of tomorrow.
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